Booking Our Halls

The responsible person is defined as the person who is the main booker of the event and this person is fully liable for all costs. The main booker must be over the age of 25.

Responsibility and Charges

Wraysbury Village Hall Committee reserve the right to charge a deposit of up to £250 for each booking.

The hirer will be responsible for leaving the hall in a condition not inferior to the condition of the hall on arrival.

Wraysbury Village Hall Committee reserves the right to levy additional charges should the hall not be left in a satisfactory state.

Furniture : The village hall provides ample tables and chairs for your event. A layout will be provided after discussion on your requirements. We ask that you consider the following:

Tables: can be very heavy and caution should be taken when moving them. At the end of the event, please ensure the tables are wiped down with a clean cloth and detergent. They must be free from marks and sticky tape etc.

Chairs: Please ensure the chairs are left clean. DO NOT drag chairs across the floor as they can scratch the wooden floor.

Cleaning: You rubbish should be placed in the industrial bins and the recycling in the appropriate bins. Both are located at the rear of the hall. A charge of £10 may be made for disposal of any rubbish left in the hall or car park after your event.

The Kitchen should be left clean and tidy with everything put back in its relevant place. There should be no washing up left – relevant equipment is provided for washing up. Clean tea towels are provided. The cookers should be left clean and without food residue. Ensure back door to kitchen is closed and windows are closed.

Please ensure Kitchen surfaces and the fridge are wiped down. The hall should be returned in the same clean condition as you found it.

External Areas: If external area used for the event, then this must be left free from debris (not limited to waste, cigarette butts etc.)

Please keep noise to a minimum when leaving the premises.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please direct them to the Managers - Mark & Jackie Keynes on 01784 483240




As part of your signed contract you will have accepted responsibility for leaving the hall as you find it, after your event.



Your safety is paramount in our venue and it is the Hirer’s responsibility that their own safety as well as those persons attending is ensured.


Fire Safety

The responsible person must ensure that emergency exits are not obstructed.

The responsible person must make those persons attending the event fully aware of what to do in case of fire. See emergency evacuation instructions posted in the hall.

NO SMOKING – it is illegal to smoke on these premises.

Naked flames – please do not use candles in the halls



Any equipment, including and not limited to sports, children’s activities, specialist electrical and so, are the sole responsibility of the hirer. Wraysbury Village Hall does not accept any liability for physical damage. Any damage to the hall due to equipment is the liability of the hirer and full costs must be covered by them. Suitable insurance must be taken out if there is any potential for physical injuries.

Wraysbury Village Hall committee cannot be held responsible for any equipment, materials and/or personal items belonging to yourselves or other organisations during the event.