Covid-19 Information for Village Halls and Community Buildings

COVID-19 update 16 December 2021

Key Points

a) From 10th December 2021 face coverings became mandatory in village and community halls (subject to exemptions, below) as well as in shops and post offices, libraries, members’ clubs, social clubs, places of worship, cinemas, theatres, indoor play areas. They must therefore be worn for these kinds of activities hosted at a hall. They are not required by people taking part in exercise, dancing or, in some cases, singing.

For more information see: Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make your own - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

b) The regulations include a requirement to put up signs telling people they must wear face coverings in your hall.

c) The responsibility to comply with face coverings is the individual’s, not the building owner or organiser of an activity.

d) The requirements for a COVID-19 passport (proof of double vaccination status), proof of recent negative COVID test or exemption only apply to certain indoor venues (which include conference centres, public halls, theatres, leisure centres, dance halls) at which 500 or more people are likely to attend an event, and to outdoor events likely to be attended by 4,000 or more people. At present it is unlikely they would apply to the majority of village or community halls.

e) Good hygiene practices, i.e., regular hand washing with sanitiser or soap and water, and, where practical, social distancing remain essential.

Face covering requirements


Information as at 16.12.21 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

a) Face coverings are required when entering and moving around in common areas of village and community halls (e.g., corridors and toilets) and at public or club events.

b) Government Guidance for specific sectors is gradually being revised. Some (e.g., volunteering, performing arts) has the new information about face coverings added at the top, without applying it as relevant, saying that further guidance will be issued. Governing bodies for sport are expected to issue their own Guidance in due course. We have done our best to interpret the position here, pending further information.

c) Face coverings are not required by those involved in activities involving exercise or dancing (e.g., keep fit, Pilates, dance classes or wedding receptions) or taking photos of people.



The ventilation aspects are relevant to community venues and events because the underlying point is that Risk Assessment should be tailored to each venue:

mitigations include adequate ventilation, face coverings and reducing crowding over winter might, for example, include opening windows at the top during activities, opening more windows and doors towards the end of aerosol generating activities (e.g., exercise or dance), creating air change before the next activity.